Welcome by André Schönbeck

Vitality, health, fitness, anti-aging, perfect wellness – anyone can find it, the secret to pure joy of life. But there’s no uniform set program, no all-round recipe that can make you happier, more radiant and more dynamic. Perfect wellness is a highly individual thing. What might be the measure of all things for one just triggers a frown in others – without the promised paradisiacal effect.

In order to know what is really good for you, you need a personal food&bodycoach. Step for step we will integrate the personalized eating, movement and relaxation guidelines into your daily life and in doing so, build yourself back up again – bit by bit, in a pleasurable and sensuous way.

After a personally designed check-up and a precise analysis of your lifestyle, we will see what kind of action you are in need, how you can sensitize your body to your problems. You do not have to do anything reminiscent of renunciation or sacrifice. Your personal path is: a balanced diet!  exercise better!  more relaxation!

I will accompany you with individual coaching, wherever you may be, when ever it should be necessary. Put a new perspective on how you treat your body and you’ll find new perspectives for many other things as well.